The Micro Racer

      Hello kart87,
      there are 5 kinds to get Informations about the Micro-Racer`s in Books.
      The Books have the following Titles:
      "Schuco- Legänderes Spielzeug" by Rudger Huber;
      "Schuco- Ein Sammlerbuch" by Rudger Huber;
      "Schuco- Fahrzeuge aus der Vor- und Nachkriegszeit" (Pre- and Postwar Vehicles) by Ulrich Schweizer;
      "Schuco- Die Fahrzeuge der Classic-Collection" (The Vehicles of the Classic-Collection) by Ulrich Schweizer and
      "Schuco- Prototypen, Raritäten & Fahrzeuge von 1967-1976" (Prototyps,Rarities & Vehicles from 1967 - 1976)
      by Ulrich Schweizer.
      You can get these books somtimes at Ebay or at the Online-Shop "".
      Welcome at the Schuco-Collectors Forum.
      Greetings and sorry for my bad School-English,