Schuco VW T1 Samba Limitierte Sonderedition "Hanseat"

      Schuco VW T1 Samba Limitierte Sonderedition "Hanseat"


      I was searching the internet for Schuco cars and I bumped on this model. It is a VW T1 Samba 1:87 with Hanseat printed on each side. The bus is known from the NDR-Sendung "DAS reist!"

      I can't verify if this a official model, but the company exists!



      PS: They only ship within Germany :(

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      Hello Indy,

      yes, it seems to be that this model is an original from Schuco. Some other T1 Sambas like this could you see on ebay.
      I think the company from the website ordered this model from Schuco with "Hanseat" on the side and only the company sells the model on his website.

      Best regards