Schuco Texi 5735

      Schuco Texi 5735

      I got this toy as a birthday present in 1964 and are wondering if it has any value?
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      Hi Carl,

      First: Welcome to the forum.

      To your question: yes, I think so, because the car seems well preserved. Depending on the condition, between 200 and 1000 euros are sometimes called more for these pull-up cars.

      Here is an example: such Schuco Texi 5735 in rar Dalli Version Alfa Romeo 50th years in full working order and nice condition was sold in ebay last time for 429 Euro - look here.

      Rgds Thomas
      Thanks for reply.
      It's been hidden in the basement for around 50 years and I just found it when I was cleaning up.
      I remember I used to play with it as a kid, it's bought in 1964 as a birthday present when I was 5 years.
      I have also looked around at eBay and prices different much.
      I am considering selling it and is this a place to do it?
      I live in Oslo Norway.
      ... I think that a sale can also be successful here, the topic fits into the category "Schuco - Biete", a moderator can definitely move the post there.

      But this is not my collection area, even if I find exactly this Dalli-Texi very funny, but the prices are still too heavy for me (only for "just for fun").

      But here in the forum there may be an interested party - but maybe needs some patience...

      Rgds Thomas
      Thanks maybe a moderator can move the post to the right section.
      I will post more close up pictures from different angles later so it can be judged correctly.
      I have no interest in the car anymore but maybe a collector could have more interest to have it.
      I am in no hurry to sale.