Schuco 6084 Lastomat Tin sheet

      Schuco 6084 Lastomat Tin sheet

      Hello Everyone,

      Please excuse my English but I feel this is the best place to get some information.

      My Father collected toys for as long as I can remember. He died last year and we have been selling off the last of his collection. He has this framed sheet of tin with the front grill from the 6084 Lastomat truck printed on it. It is 66cmx56cm. I have no information about age or value. Our family would love for it to go to a collector or somewhere that it can be appreciated.

      How old is this?
      What is the value?
      Where is the best place to sell?
      Donate to Museum?

      Can you please help?
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      Hello Cnatter,

      this is really a beautiful work of art.

      The Lastomat truck 6084 was built up from 1966 to the early 70ties.

      In the past, pressure plates from Schuco tintoy models sometimes appeared, but I have never seen one from the front of the Lastomat.

      The framed plate is interesting for collectors who want to decorate their office or their collector's room with it.

      Unfortunately, I cannot determine the value, but there is certainly an interest in tintoy collectors.

      Where you can sell it? Maybe someone will report here and make you an offer, but I suspect that the eBay marketplace or an auction would be a good solution.

      Regards Fossi